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All Your Welding Needs and Fabrication Too


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We intend to bring to this area an affordable solution to any Metal

Repair problem you may encounter.  Don't throw it away and buy

a new one, bring it to us and get it repaired.  Farm equipment or

lawn mowers, snow plows, trailers, construction equipment too.

If it is something you need fabricated bring a sketch in and let

us look at it.  We can help you in that area too.

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 New BBQ Smoker

1400 sq. in. Cooking Area

Only $3500


 New Seal Coat Tanks

300-500-700-800-1000 Gallon


All Prices Good Till April 1st 2019 

$2450  300 gal      $2650 500 gal

$3000  700 gal


I can also do any welding you need including aluminum and stainless steel.

 JD WELDING will take on any job, whether it be building your project from scratch, repairing it, helping you design it, or anything in between.

The combined total experience at JD WELDING is over 70 years in the trade. JD WELDING has a Bridgeport Mill and a Clausing Lathe that can be used in the fabrication or repair of your project.  

JD WELDING is located just 10 minutes from  Brockport, Clarkson, Hamlin, Parma, Spencerport, Ogden, Sweden, Holley, Murray, Kendall, and is able to serve anyone in the  Northeast for BBQ Smoker & Seal Coating Tank needs

JD WELDING is at your service!

30 Minutes from Rochester and Batavia

60 Minutes from Buffalo


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